The Rottweiler, or Rottie for short, is a large pedigree dog that can be both a pet and a working dog. They are usually between 21 and 27 inches in height and weigh between 77 and 140 lbs. Rottweilers tend to live between eight and ten years, depending on their health and their environment. This is common for larger dogs, who do not tend to live as long as smaller dogs. Rottweilers are very intelligent, powerful, and need plenty of exercise. The right training essential as this breed can be demanding.


1. Physical Features of Rottweilers

The Rottweiler is a large, stocky and muscular dog with a broad, box-shaped head and neck, wide chest and straight, thick legs.

Their coats are short and course, with a black base coat and tan markings over the top. They have massive paws and high knuckles, and their tails are often docked. Rottweilers have short but floppy, triangular ears, which are smaller than those of breeds such as retrievers, but do not stick up like the ears of German Shepherds.

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