So you went out and got a cute new puppy. It's cuddly and soft and oh-so-sweet, and you're going to be the best of friends. There's plenty to look forward to with your new companion: trips to the park, road trips, and outings to dog-friendly patios. All those things will certainly come, but your adorable new puppy needs to be potty-trained first. But with consistency, time, and a little patience, your new pal will be a pee pro in no time.


1. To puppy pad or not puppy pad?

The first thing you need to do when potty training your new puppy is to decide whether or not you will use puppy pads, sometimes also called pee pads. The alternative is teaching your pup to relieve himself outside, skipping the step of the pads altogether. There isn't a right or wrong decision here; it's entirely a matter of personal preference. Some people don't like having the pads around their homes, while others prefer the easy cleanup of it.

A potty training pad on a tile floor kenzaza / Getty Images

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