Historians believe the Irish wolfhound has served as a loyal companion to humans since 273 B.C. and were once presented as gifts to kings and Roman consuls. During the 2nd and 4th centuries, a High King of Ireland had more than 300 of them. These majestic canines hunted large game and wolves. Admirers of the breed say it is a highly affectionate, gentle giant. These sensitive canines thrive when they can be close to their human family.


1. Size Characteristics: Height and Weight

The Irish wolfhound’s physical growth continues for two years after their birth. By the time the dog is six months old, males weigh around 100 pounds, and females reach an average of 87 pounds. Once they mature, males weigh anywhere between 140 to 180 pounds. Females are smaller, weighing between 115 to 140 pounds. The body length of both males and females average between 32 and 34 inches. A full-grown male Irish wolfhound grows to a height of 34 to 35 inches at the shoulder, with females reaching 32 to 34 inches. Taller heights are sometimes the result of poor bone structure and may lead to joint issues, such as arthritis.

average irish wolfhound Fenne / Getty Images

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