No dog looks more intimidating than the Leonberger. It’s a Goliath of a dog that would have even the toughest guy worried. But don’t let its size and lion-like features fool you. Leonbergers are really a big bundle of gentleness and love that will remain loyal and stay by your side. Whether you’re sitting on the sofa, taking out the trash, or lying in bed, your Leo will want to be with you - or on top you! Leonbergers are the ideal pet for families with a home large enough to accommodate these gentle giants.


1. Leonbergers are a Big Dog

Anyone seeing a Leonberger for the first time can’t help being blown away by the sheer size of this canine. Females stand at 25-29 inches, while the males tower above at 28-32 inches, with both weighing in around 120 and 170 pounds. Apart from its size, the main characteristic of a Leonberger is its soft, long, wavy hair. The nose and mouth area is always black, but the rest of the hair can be gold, sandy, cream, red, brown, or a combination of all these colors. But it’s the eyes that will truly have your heart melting. Big oval eyes stare at you, with an unmistakable expression of kindness.

leonberger eyes height big GlobalP / Getty Images

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