Regular walks and playtime are essential for the well-being of owners, dogs, and neighbors. Bad weather, illness, or injury may make it impossible to get outside, but dogs do not have to miss out on exercise. There are many indoor games that can help dogs of all ages stay active.
Try to choose games that challenge dogs mentally as well as physically. Mental focus burns energy, which leads to tired dogs. Indoor games also give owners and dogs the opportunity to play together. This means a stronger bond and a happy, healthy pet.


1. Obedience Training

For humans, obedience training may seem too much like school to be fun. But for dogs, any interaction with their owners is the best way to spend a day. There are various ways to train a dog, so owners can choose the right system for their dog. Learning something new requires a lot of mental focus for dogs, and training reinforces good manners. Start with basics like sit and stay before moving on to complicated commands like playing dead.

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