Several types of parasitic worms use dogs as their host. A parasite uses a host body for shelter, food, and reproduction. Dog owners often feel shocked when healthy pets in clean homes develop worms. Dogs and puppies get worms in several ways, even when their owners keep spotless homes. Dogs frequently pick up or ingest parasitic worms and their owners do not notice until much later when symptoms of infection appear. Puppies can even get worms before birth.


1. Dog Feces

Dogs and puppies frequently get worms by sniffing another dog's feces. Many species of worms use feces as part of their life cycle. The adult worms lay eggs in the intestines. Those eggs are evacuated from the infected dog's body along with feces. The eggs hatch in feces and larvae are very small. Other dogs inhale or swallow the larvae when they sniff at piles of feces.

sniffing, feces, inhale, larvae, Marion Kuban / Getty Images

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