Playing with, training, and teaching your dog is one of the greatest joys of life as a pet owner. Beyond the simple commands to sit and stay, there are plenty of fun games and stunts to teach your dog. When you're bored or looking to brush up on your skills as a trainer, exploring the dozens of dog tricks can be a great bonding exercise for you and your furry friends and a great way to use some of their endless energy.


1. Shake a Paw

Shake a paw is a great trick to teach your dog to do even with strangers. While holding a treat just out of reach, pick up one of your dog's paws, or touch their paw to get them to raise it. As soon as your dog does this, feed them the treat. Wait to introduce a verbal "shake" command until your dog is familiar with the action. Be sure to reward them every time he lifts his paw and have frequent training sessions.

Dog Tricks Shake Hands Train PhotoTalk / Getty Images

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