Picking out a dog's name is as important as picking out a child's name. After you've gotten to know your puppy a little bit, you should be ready to choose a name that will stick. Some names fit some pets and owners perfectly, while some are definitely more suitable for some dogs than others. Keep them short--experts recommend one or two syllables--and keep them unique!


1. Aristocratic Names

Any dog will tell you that she runs the show, so why not give her a name that reflects that? Princess might be slightly spoiled, Queenie is the boss, and Duchess, Countess, and Lady are just a little better than other pets. If titles are a little obvious, there are some great names that reflect your dog's highborn personality. Victoria (or Vicky, if she has a mischievous side), Diana (how cute is Lady Di as a dog's name?), Isabella, Eugenie, or Guinevere certainly call royalty to mind. But if your girl has you completely in her power, there's always the world's most renowned queen, Cleopatra--Cleo or Patty for short!

Aristocratic names are classic. ceresleloup / Getty Images

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