We all love our four-legged companions, but that doesn't mean you have to love everything about them. Yes, we're talking about barking. If you live in an apartment, it makes more sense to go for dogs that bark the least, and you may find that your lease is dependent on it.

However, barking is a dog's way of communication. Whether it's in happiness or warning, even the quietest dog will occasionally bark. Training your dog not to respond with barking is an important step, but certain breeds are just naturally quieter than others.


1. Pug

These squishy-faced dogs are beloved the world over, thanks to their affable nature and love of naps. If you're looking for a non-barking dog that's happy to sit around an apartment, this is the breed for you.

In fact, pugs typically only bark if they're feeling threatened or starving. Instead of barking in play, the pug will snort and snuffle encouragingly. Be careful not to overfeed these little couch potatoes, however, as this can cause problems with their joints and breathing.

pugs make great apartment dogs TerryJ / Getty Images

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