Anyone who's ever had a pet knows how easy it is to fall in love with them. No one falls in love with their messes, however, and it can be difficult to keep your pets out of trouble. Whether you rent an apartment or own a home, and whether you have a cat or a dog, you'll face a unique set of challenges in caring for them and your pad. However, you can take a few simple steps to keep your fur babies and your possessions safe.


1. Seek Out Environmental Hazards

You might think your house is pet-safe, but you can't be sure until you inspect it from their perspective. It's advisable to get down on all fours and hunt around for holes in the wall, spaces behind washers or dryers, loose cords, and similar hazards that rest at a low height. If you don't find anything, you're good; if you do find any problem spaces, you should close or block them off with something sturdy. You can find tools to secure loose cables at most hardware stores.

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