Some dogs look like wolves; others resemble foxes. Most people know that wolves and foxes share common ancestors with canines. But some dog breeds resemble bears, and they share more than just physical features. It’s not just the shape of their snouts or their thick, furry coats. Certain large breeds not only have a unique bear-like expression on their faces but also move their bodies in a way that reminds us of bears. Scientists say the reason for this is that bears and dogs have a common ancestor dating back about 45 million years called the miacid.


1. The Chow Chow

If there was ever a dog that looked like a bear, it’s a Chow Chow. Their small ears, short muzzles, thick coats, and small, almond-shaped, intense eyes are similar to a bear’s. If you look at a Chow’s face, you get the impression that they are scowling. But Chows are peaceful, calm dogs with a dignified personality. You’ll see them with rough or smooth coats of black, red, blue, or cinnamon. The cream-colored Chows may remind you more of a polar bear.

chow scowling eyes Iurii / Getty Images

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