Around 50 million households across the U.S. include at least one dog. Our canine companions love us, protect us, keep us company, and as studies show, reduce our stress levels. Although choosing a breed of dog to share your life with is a highly personal choice, certain breeds could be a perfect fit for your state’s culture, history, climate, and geography. And many of these breeds may be ones you’ve never considered.

Alabama: Weimaraner

Family, football, and enjoying the outdoors are just a few of the important aspects of living in Alabama. With more than 1.3 million acres of public hunting land and a long list of dog-friendly hiking trails across the state, a versatile breed like the Weimaraner makes sense. Not only are these canines great family dogs, but they’re also smart, highly trainable, great hunting companions, and love all types of physical activities with their humans.

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Alaska: Alaskan Malamute or Bernese mountain dog

The official state dog of Alaska, aka “The Last Frontier,” is, not surprisingly, the strong-willed and beautiful Alaskan malamute. It makes sense that a dog who lives here should be a hearty breed with a thick double coat that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Like the malamute, the good-natured Bernese mountain dog is a large canine with tons of endurance and a thick coat. This is a versatile, all-around, gentle-but-protective working breed. They’re equally comfortable snuggling with their human families as they are exploring the great outdoors.

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Arizona: Australian shepherd

This is a state full of natural wonders, where summer temperatures can reach 110 degrees, and winters are short-lived. Pit bulls and golden retrievers are the newest additions to the “most popular” dogs in the Grand Canyon State. Another breed worth consideration is the Australian shepherd, a medium-sized breed that can easily handle the Arizona heat. They’re devoted companions who are protective of their household, highly intelligent, and easy to train. Although they need lots of exercise, these hearty dogs are perfect for those who enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.

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Arkansas: Vizsla

People love dogs, but in Arkansas, spending time with their canine companions is a favorite pastime. Long-nosed dogs like the Vizsla have no problem with the heat and humidity of a typical Arkansas summer. Plus, these sensitive, athletic canines love all the physical activity they can get. Whether you enjoy a long walk, a biking excursion through the neighborhood, or a visit to one of the many pet-friendly attractions in “The Natural State,” the Vizsla will enthusiastically enjoy spending time with you.

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California: Maltese and mixes

In LA, they love the Maltese. In Sacramento, the top canine-of-choice is the border collie, while San Diego residents prefer a dog that loves snow as well as desert, the Siberian husky. But California also shows a lot of love for the shelter pet, so much so that it’s the official state dog. At local shelters and rescue organizations, you can expect to find many mixed-breed and purebred canines to choose from — dogs who need a loving home and will fit your personality and lifestyle perfectly.

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Colorado: Gordon setter

Bird-hunting enthusiasts in the Centennial State aren’t the only ones who will love the Gordon setter. These large dogs with Scottish roots, a beautiful, shiny, black coat, and a kind disposition are outstanding pets. Breeders developed this canine to handle rough terrain and inclement weather conditions, but the Gordon setter is also highly adaptable to life in the big city as long as they get enough exercise. They’re exceptionally intelligent, great family dogs, and love sharing space with their human family.

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Connecticut: retriever or spaniel

Surveys show that residents of Connecticut prefer large dogs like the Labrador or the golden retriever, especially in the more rural areas. The Clumber spaniel is of comparable size, a heavy-boned dog with a huge head and a mostly-white, dense coat. As adults, females weigh up to 70 pounds and males grow to about 85. They love the outdoors, swimming, and playing with children. Their easygoing nature and endearing facial expression make them an ideal housemate and loving companion.

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Delaware: corgi

Although the golden retriever is the official state dog, there’s plenty of room for more favorites in the canine-friendly state of Delaware. The Cardigan Welsh corgi is a short-legged, small-but-robust herding dog with a feisty nature and big personality. They’re alert and responsive to the needs of their family and get along well with youngsters and other pets. This funny, good-natured canine doesn’t require a lot of exercise but loves playing in the yard or at the dog park.

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Florida: Jack Russell or miniature pinscher

People around the world know that the Sunshine State is home to beautiful white-sand beaches, amusement parks, golf courses, museums, and tons of tourist attractions. The Jack Russell Terrier and American bulldog reign supreme here. But for those looking for a smaller dog with tons of charm and personality, the Miniature pinscher is a dog you should consider. Weighing in at only 10 pounds when fully grown, these tiny watchdogs have the heart and courage of a Rottweiler. They’re great playmates for young and old alike and enjoy a long life of up to 16 years.

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Georgia: bull terrier

Many of us think of the bulldog when we picture the top canine in this southern state. After all, it is the state dog. However, hot, humid weather may cause breathing issues for brachycephalic breeds like the bulldog. The bull terrier is a longer-nosed dog that will fare better. This playful, large-boned terrier with an egg-shaped head prefers the role of clown and entertainer. They’re people dogs and are happiest when they’re at your side.

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