The common trait that all hounds have is that they were bred for hunting. Some are great at following scents while others have seemingly endless stamina to keep up with prey. That is where the similarities end. Hounds come in all shapes and sizes. There are varieties that originate from all over the world, including Scotland, Egypt, Afghanistan, and America. They were bred to hunt everything from raccoon to deer to lions. Most of them make great pets, too, as long as they get enough daily exercise.


1. English Foxhound

The English Foxhound has been represented in art for centuries and is one of the most iconic examples of a hunting dog. The black, white, and tan coat and long, tapered tail are instantly recognizable as that of a hound. English Foxhounds are not a good companion dog but are a great choice for anyone looking for a running partner or a very active family that spends a lot of time outdoors.

English Foxhound Working Dog dageldog / Getty Images

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