Sitting and enjoying your morning breakfast, and your furry friend is looking back with puppy dog eyes, begging for a morsel from your table. Can your dog eat eggs? Your dog is a part of the family, your best friend, so it's only natural that you would want to love your dog and spoil them completely. If you allow your dog to have eggs, will you and your pal wind up with an unwanted and expensive trip to the vet?


1. Are Eggs Nutritious?

Eggs are delicious and high in protein, vitamin D, B vitamins, Zinc, Copper, and Iron. The yoke is higher in calories and fat than the egg whites. Eggs are high in cholesterol and should be eaten in moderation or according to doctors advise for heart health. Your dog requires protein and vitamins just as you do, but can a dog's system handle such rich food?

The Dog watching egg and viewed with suspicion. MeePoohyaphoto / Getty Images

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