Most people recognize pink eye, or conjunctivitis, very quickly. A person's eyes become inflamed with a red or pink tinge. Can dogs get pink eye too? Yes, they can. Conjunctivitis produces symptoms in dogs that are very similar to those exhibited by humans with pink eye.

Conjunctivitis occurs when the conjunctiva, the pink tissue inside the eyelid, becomes inflamed. Dogs can develop two types of conjunctivitis. Infectious conjunctivitis comes from an infectious pathogen, while non-infectious conjunctivitis refers to inflammation caused by anything other than an infection.


1. Symptoms of Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Inflammation with pink or red coloration normally affects both eyes, although it can occur in just one eye. Conjunctivitis causes clear, watery discharge or thick yellow, green, or white discharge. A dog may have difficulty opening its eyes if discharge causes eyelids to stick together. Other symptoms of conjunctivitis in dogs include squinting, frequent blinking, swollen eyelids, and rubbing or pawing at the eyes. Nasal discharge, coughing, or sneezing can occur with conjunctivitis as well.

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