Can dogs eat ham? It's a question that you may have asked yourself when considering what treats to give your beloved pooch. You love your dog and offering treats can not only encourage your dog to follow good behavior patterns but can also create a trusting and loving bond with your dog. You also need to be sure that the treats you give him are good for him and won't cause him any issues down the line.


1. Can I Feed My Dog Ham Products

The good news is that you can give your dog several ham products, including ham and ham bones. Ham, being a meat product, isn't dangerous for dogs to eat. However, it doesn't contain optimum nutritional value either. High in sodium and fat, ham should be given as a treat in moderation. It is also important to monitor your dog after you have given him some ham. If he vomits, call your vet for advice and avoid all ham products in the future.

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