Broccoli is considered one of the healthiest foods humans can eat: it is one of the nutritional superfoods. However, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding its suitability for dogs. The method of preparation is also a cause of speculation; whether it is healthier eaten raw or whether it should first be cooked.

Because dogs are omnivores like humans, they too benefit from fruits and vegetables in their diets. While certain of these foods are just as healthy for dogs as they are for people, some can cause digestive problems, intolerances, and several other health problems.


1. Is Broccoli Safe for Dogs?

The answer is complicated. Broccoli is safe for dogs, within certain limitations. Broccoli does hold health benefits for dogs and contains essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, minerals, and fiber. But broccoli also contains isothiocyanates, a sulfur-based compound found in the florets which can cause gastrointestinal irritation in dogs. Isothiocyanates become toxic for a dog when the amount they consume exceeds 10 percent of their daily food requirements.

Broccoli can safely be added to a dog’s diet, provided it’s fed in small amounts and is always served cooked. Vegetables can provide a healthy and safe alternative to high calorie, processed snacks.

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