Owning a dog requires a lot of homework. You need to read everything. You also need to know what food is best for them or whether they’re good with kids. It’s worth it to have a healthy pooch, but it’s definitely a continuous learning curve. If you have a dog, you’ll know those wide-eyed stares they aim your way when you’re eating. You know, the ones you can't say no to. Dogs like to eat, and most things are safe for them. But not everything. So, what can they eat? Can dogs eat bananas?


1. Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Yes! It’s perfectly safe to give your dog pieces of banana. Let’s be honest; there’s nothing cuter than your pooch nomming people food. Especially people food that you wouldn’t necessarily expect a dog to eat. We’re not talking a little pastrami from your sandwich here: We’re talking bananas. If you think a dog nomming jerky is cute, just wait until you see them chow-chowing down on a banana.

dog ready to eat banana Jess Lessard Photography / Getty Images

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