Dogs love people food. Whether it’s begging for table scraps, eating your leftover pizza crusts, or acting as a vacuum cleaner on your kitchen floor, most dogs enjoy mixing up their diet with some good old-fashioned non-dog food. However, in some cases, human food can be dangerous or toxic for canines. For example, chocolate, in high quantities, can be dangerous for a dog’s intestinal system. But the debate on dairy products and canines has not yet entirely established concrete evidence of danger or health one way or the other.


1. Desire vs. Health

Monitor your dog’s diet at all times. Dogs cannot distinguish between something healthy and unhealthy for their digestion and internal health. Instead, keep a close eye on what your dog is consuming, particularly when you are out of your house. Dairy products, particularly in the summer, are widely discarded and offer enticing aromas and flavors to your dog. To avoid risk, try to provide only dog-friendly treats in general to avoid any complications in their diet.

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