The common cold is a nuisance and an all too frequent occurrence in humans, but can dogs catch a cold? The short answer is yes, though not the same types of colds that humans get. Various viruses can affect dogs and cause colds very similar to human colds. Like human colds, dog colds will usually be inconvenient and irritating, but they are rarely dangerous. Keep a close eye on your dog’s symptoms and behavior, and if necessary, consult a vet for proper treatment and advice.


1. What type of dogs are at risk?

All dogs can get a cold, but some dogs are more prone to respiratory issues and resulting complications. Dogs with “pushed-in” faces or “smashed nose” breeds such as Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers, and Shar-Pei are more likely to develop respiratory issues and diseases, which can make it difficult to properly diagnose and treat a cold at home. It can also result in complications even if it turns out to be a simple cold. If you have a “smashed nose” breed of dog, be especially aware of colds and other respiratory issues.

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