Many dogs enjoy eating nuts or nut butter as a treat. Some pet owners use nut products such as peanut butter to make dog toys more enticing or to persuade their pet to take medication. It's not unusual for dogs to steal human food when their owners aren't looking. Dog owners often worry if their dog manages to steal walnuts in case they are toxic or cause an allergic reaction. Before allowing your pet to eat walnuts, it's important to know whether they are safe for dogs to consume.


1. Can Dogs Eat English Walnuts?

English walnuts are the most common types of walnuts sold commercially. They aren't recommended as dog snacks because their high-fat content can lead to an upset stomach. English walnuts are also difficult for a dog's digestive system to break down. If a dog consumes a large quantity of walnuts in one go, this could lead to a gastrointestinal blockage. However, there's probably no need to worry if a dog manages to steal a small amount of walnuts.

dog stealing english walnuts Searsie / Getty Images

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