The short answer is, "Yes! Carrots are good for dogs." Carrots are a healthy addition to a dog's diet, especially for a dog that may need to lose a little weight. The vitamins and nutrients in carrots support good eyesight and bone health. Carrots are a high-fiber, low-calorie snack that also aids in digestion. Talk to your vet about the best way to add carrots to your dog's diet and read on to find out how carrots are good for dogs.


1. Carrots Are Full of Vitamins

Dogs need many of the same vitamins and nutrients as people, and carrots pack them in. Carrots are one of the greatest vegetable sources for vitamin A, which supports a healthy, strong skeletal system. An active dog may be prone to injuries so strong bones are important.

Carrots also provide antioxidants for a healthy immune system and a variety of other vitamins. Keep your dog in top shape with an occasional carrot snack.

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