Bernese Mountain Dogs, also known as Berners, are a member of the working group. These large, sturdy dogs were originally bred to pull carts and herd cattle on farms in Switzerland. In modern times, though, it is their calm demeanor and gentle nature that makes them such wonderful pets. Berners are loyal and protective, great with children, and enjoy being a part of a family. These dogs make excellent pets for anyone with an active lifestyle and a yard to run around in.


1. Appearance

Bernese Mountain Dogs are recognized by their tri-color coat. It is black with bursts of orangey rust and white. Typically, white patches appear between the eyes, on the tip of the tail, and on the chest in the shape of an inverted cross. As for size, Bernese Mountain Dogs are considered a large dog. Adult females weigh about 70 to 95 pounds while males can weigh as much as 115 pounds.

White Patch Chest josianefarand / Getty Images

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