Style evolution isn't the way to define Jane Fonda's versatile clothing choices. Style revolution may be a bit more fitting for someone whose choices have affected those of the public for decades. Her protests have been equally influential, and she continues to make her voice heard on issues like climate change and environmental conservation. And as much as her incredible philanthropist and activist work are appreciated, most people love her style. She's lived through Hollywood's best eras and shown herself to be an actress and a trendsetter to be reckoned with.


1. Fonda's Perfect Pin-Up

The pin-up was an iconic look of the time, and it was one that Fonda wore at the start of her career in the 50s. This look was fashionable with Hollywood women and movie stars, including Doris Day and Marilyn Monroe. It involved an intricate series of curls and waves that were worn in soft waves around the face and pinned up, hence the name.

Jane Fonda 50's Pin-up Hairstyle Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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