Certain hairstyles exemplify maturity, adding to a face full of wisdom. These cuts can flatter fine lines and excess skin around the jaw. While they do this, they can add years onto you just by mimicking an older celebrity's classic style.

However, some people don't want to look older. They worry that with the wrong type of layering or color, they appeal to the wrong age market. Wherever you fall in opinion, it is wise to understand what makes you look older so that you can either avoid the style altogether or embrace it happily.


The Pixie Cut

A pixie cut has always been in fashion, but go too short, and you could end up looking severe. Of course, this isn't a bad thing, as some people prefer to look more mature, in charge and professional. A shorter cut can flatter the sharp cheekbones of a thin face, which previously went unnoticed due to long layers.

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The Bouffant

While anything European is always a classic, this style can ultimately make you look like you've stepped into the wrong side of the century. Of course, the bouffant, with its traditional teasing process and careful spraying, is a challenge to master, but if you do want to try it, make sure you pair it with a classic, sharp outfit.

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The Chelsea Cut

Having a shaven back of the head is fine for youngsters but can add years to a woman by drawing attention to any wrinkles lurking on the back of the neck. It is also quite a thin cut, which emphasizes the loss of vitality and movement in the hair follicles.

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The Front Quiff

This is a perfect look for the 1950s, but should it stay there? Many people are on the fence because, of course, it's a lovely throwback that softens the face and adds something different. However, it can age an otherwise modern outfit, so if you're looking to refresh a look, this is a no-no.

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Excessively Light Blonde

Being too near the lightest shade of grey can add years to your face and leave you looking less textured. It can also strip the bounce, shine, and movement from your hair. However, it can look particularly striking next to an all-black outfit if you did want to embrace this look.

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Short Pin-Up Curls

Marilyn Monroe curls don't always equal a Marilyn Monroe century. Just because you have a vintage, preppy look, it doesn't mean that you're naturally going to want to look mature. You may even come across as unique and quirky — just ensure that you embrace the curls carefully, rather than going for an old-lady perm.


The Tiny Fringe

This fringe will not knock years off your face, and the reason for this is that it'll be so high up, any fine lines will be on display. It also gives the impression that your forehead and eyes are where you want people to be looking, which is naturally where most people have wrinkles.

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Too-Short Curls

Baby curls are hard to style because there's really only a few things you can do with them. If you ask for very short layers at the hairdressers, you may suffer from the problem of looking a little too severe. There's not a lot you can do to save this style, apart from growing it out, so be warned that you'll be stuck with it if you do go for it.

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Long Layers

What was once fashionable can now add too much weight to your hair and stop it from looking fresh. This cut, popular in the 1970s, isn't lacking thickness, but it lacks movement. It may seem quite dated, but if you have an oval-shaped face, it may just flatter you.

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A Wispy Fringe

This thin kind of fringe doesn't cover fine lines on the forehead and also emphasizes that your hair is not as thick as it once was. For more volume, shine and body, try asking for thicker bangs instead. Your hairdresser will be delighted to rise to the challenge of bringing some of the hair from the parting to the front in order to enhance the look of more movement and thickness.

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