Extensive research suggests that strong relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren are a buffer against depression for both. Sharing fun times strengthens the bonds across generations. Games can give adults and children a break from the hectic, complicated pace of daily living and provide a host of physical and emotional benefits. Try different variations of these games and make your own house rules. The goal is to connect with your grandchildren and strengthen family ties for generations to come.


1. Simon (Or Grandparent) Says

Young children are often bubbling with energy that may overwhelm their grandparents. Some games from the past require players to be still at some point, and the person running the game normally doesn’t have to move at all. "Simon Says," "Mother, May I?," "Red Light, Green Light," and hand clap games keep little ones giggling while learning to stay still and follow instructions.

grandparent with girl hand game kali9 / Getty Images

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