These beautiful plants grow naturally in South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, festooning the tree branches in lush tropical forests. Also referred to as ‘flamingo flower’ or ‘boy flower,’ the anthurium has over 700 species that bloom in long-lasting vibrant colors and have waxy, heart-shaped petals called spathes. Anthurium plants can remain healthy for years and flower year-round when you practice a few tricks to its care.


1. Best Placement

Anthuriums thrive in well-lighted spaces, but avoid placing them in direct sunlight to prevent sunburn. If the room is too dark, the plant won't have many flowers. Whether potted or in a cut arrangement, the anthurium is happiest when residing in a room with a temperature higher than 55 degrees, preferably between 70-to-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Anthurium flowers in greenhouse

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