As we age, we women know exactly what we want, and that's to feel as comfortable in our skin as we did when we were twenty — maybe even more so now.  Women over fifty are lumped into the 'frumpy' category, feeling 'grandma'-like and shapeless. It's time for a change.

Now, it's truly time for women to step into the fashionistas they always knew themselves to be - regardless of their age, and maybe even because of it.

Get unique looks with Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a clothing apparel company that was originally founded in Japan as a textile manufacturer. Since then, it has expanded to include over one thousand stores worldwide with a particular focus on the quality of their clothing.

For a simple, universal look, these pieces can be paired with almost any style. This brand is constantly evolving and will flatter women of any shape and size.

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For the outdoorsy lady, try Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer began in a small store in Seattle in 1920. It was created by an outdoors lover by the same name, who wanted to combine a love of sport with his knowledge of fashion.

From expedition gear to revolutionary technology that combines thermal jackets with waterproof material, the brand has traveled miles since. It's both flattering and practical for women who love the outdoors.

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For a French twist, there's La Redoute

La Redoute has a seasonal wardrobe that keeps up with the latest trends in fashion, without straying too far away from their signature Parisian look. If you're looking for something that flirts between the office and formal weekend-wear, try this smart, chic store for some well-established essentials.

La Redoute has many collections, ranging from country florals to formal wrap-dresses, and maxi outfits to shirt dresses. No matter what season, no matter what age, you'll always be in style with La Redoute.

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Choose COS for the artist in you

Clothes that last a long time, and are perfect staples for the ever-changing fashion trends that come with the digital age? COS is there with simple beauty, with practicality at the forefront of many of their designs.

COS is naturally inspired by the art world, with quirky designs and playful imagery feeding into their clothing from places such as New Zealand and the south of France.

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Made for You, by Madewell

The key word for Madewell's brand is that they have a seamless, streamlined finish to them. They are also not limited to stuffy gender stereotypes that you may have grown out of years ago.

So what if your mother once stuffed you in a dress with a high, lace collar? Is that who you want to be, still? A wallflower in the corner is not who you are now, and this tomboyish, regal aesthetic is bound to knock years off your age. Think less princess and more Queen.

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No to frumpiness, yes to Nordstrom

As your body, lifestyle, and aspirations change, your personal style will also evolve. But that doesn't mean you can't take a few risks, anymore, because you should be totally enjoying and embracing the way that you look.

Nordstrom has been delivering the best possible shopping experiences for over a century, helping customers express their true selves. It began in a modest shoe-shop in Seattle, and its expansive growth helped it into the leading fashion retailer they are today. Nordstrom is constantly growing and evolving, who tailor their sizes and shapes to a range of markets.

While your taste and shopping experiences may change, your overall experiences of satisfaction after a good purchase should not.

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Set higher goals with Universal Standard

Universal Standard values its diverse market, and this is proven by its track record of offering clothing in all sorts of sizes. They look to smash patriarchial barriers that prevent fashion-lovers from feeling comfortable with their bodies because of outdated preconceptions.

If you're feeling that you want fashion and function to complement one another, look no further than Universal Standard for your next shop. They also provide anti-racism resources, and their clothing is tailored for people with disabilities, too. It began with just two people heading the company, but then it expanded when many women of size 14 and above realized that this company really walked the talk.

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Be a boss with ASOS

It shouldn't be difficult for women to feel good. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and some of the common pieces don't complement the modern fifty-year-old. That's why the ASOS marketplace is perfect for you — and it's ethical to shop second-hand, as well!

ASOS is loved by a diverse range of women, and their plus-size collections are sure to flatter the most frustrating of shapes. On bad days, try shopping at ASOS, and feel that sense of satisfaction.

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Fill the GAP in the market

You are more than a size on a label, or an expanded waistline — you are how you feel inside. That's what truly makes you who you are, and who you are is beautiful! Most of GAP's clothes are suitable for outdoor weather of any kind, and yet add something fashionable to new hobbies you may find, when you're past the age of fifty. After all, it's all about self-discovery and adventure! Aging isn't supposed to be about hiding behind a newspaper, with some net-curtains and slippers anymore.

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