There are style secrets that some women just seem to know. Some women embrace their lives and always look fabulous in their clothes. Age is just a number, and they wear it confidently. The truth is, there are no secrets, just a few basic guidelines to remember about evolving your style. Making the right clothing choices prevents you from looking older than you are. These simple rules will help you enhance your silhouette, add sophistication, and still create a look that is uniquely you.


1. Choose Fashionable, Leg-Enhancing Shoes

The right shoe can make your legs look longer and slimmer. Some women opt for comfort over style as they get older. But the wide range of styles available makes it easier to find both. Shoes with cutouts and open toes are fashionable and add some youthful flair to an outfit. Avoid horizontal ankle straps and chunky heels that make your legs look shorter. If you can’t wear heels, try a classy wedge. Choose knee boots that elongate your legs rather than ankle boots that diminish leg length. As for shoe color, nude shades enhance the slender illusion.

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