There seem to be as many diet plans as there are people who swear by them. If your goals include weight loss, then you've probably tried a few of them! Many dieters struggle with feelings of hunger when following a restricted eating plan, which leads to cravings and cheating on the diet. The volumetrics diet aims to help you stay full"volume eating" while making healthy choices and slowly losing weight. On this diet, participants are still allowed to eat and enjoy the foods they love even treatsas long as they're meeting their eating goals.


1. What is the Volumetrics Diet?

The volumetrics diet is based on helping people discover healthy foods they can eat a lot of while still losing weight. A certified nutritionist, Dr. Barbara Rolls, developed the diet. She divides foods into different categories based on the amounts of water and energy they contain. The diet encourages people to eat foods with a lot of volume, such as leafy vegetables, foods like cucumbers that are mostly water, or clear soups. These foods are low in calories but can fill you up and help you reduce hunger pangs and cravings. You may still eat high-calorie, low-density foods, but sparingly. The aim is good nutrition and a low caloric deficit.

what is the Volumetrics Diet

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