In the sweeping landscape of fad diets, is the AIP diet just another get-skinny Hollywood gimmick or opportunity for Pinterest fanatics to catalog hundreds of recipes they'll someday explore? Trends aside, altering one's diet can deliver longterm changes to day to day life and address many health concerns. Lucky for your busy schedule, finding out what it means to get in the AIP food line, and whether you should be there to begin with, is quite simple.

What Does AIP Stand For?

The Autoimmune protocol diet is a stricter version of the Paleo diet and is aimed at targeting and reducing inflammation that may be caused by foods to which one has sensitivities or existing autoimmune diseases.

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How Does It Work?

The AIP diet focuses its work in the gut. By championing specific foods, the diet aims to decrease or eliminate inflammation by combating issues that arise in the gut. The condition known as "leaky gut" is associated with many issues related to inflammation and autoimmune disease. Certain foods can compromise the intestinal lining, allowing unwanted toxins, antigens, and bacteria to enter the bloodstream. The AIP diet recommends foods that minimize this occurrence.

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Before AIP, Paleo

What are the main differences between the AIP diet and the Paleo diet? AIP is specifically formulated to eliminate inflammation and improve autoimmune disease-related conditions and symptoms. People who follow the Paleo diet eliminate or avoid cereals/grains, legumes, refined sugars and sweeteners, refined oils, and most dairy; the diet's original goal was to encourage a way of eating similar to that of our ancient ancestors.

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AIP Diet: Supercharged Paleo

AIP takes things a step further than paleo, following elimination much more closely than avoidance. Those seeking to decrease symptoms related to their autoimmune disease and inflammation may turn to Paleo first. If this diet does not provide the anticipated result, the AIP diet could be the next step.

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Going Beyond with AIP

The objective of the AIP diet is to protect the immune system from going overboard on counteracting the effects of autoimmune disease and inflammation. The diet was established as a way to systematically eliminate foods that contribute to these adverse conditions. When the paleo diet does not have the desired effect, following AIP food elimination guidelines can change how the body responds concerning inflammatory reactions. From there, certain foods can be reintroduced gradually, and the affected person can identify the specific foods that trigger the concerning conditions.

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AIP Foods You Want

Focusing your diet on the following foods can help you determine whether the AIP diet is a good fit for you: meat and fish, all vegetables, healthy fats (olive, avocado, and coconut), fresh herbs and spices, and small amounts of low-fructose fruits.

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AIP Foods You Don't Want

Additionally, people who want to try out the AIP diet should eliminate for their diet commonly exacerbating foods such as dairy, eggs, legumes, nightshade vegetables, sugar, butter, grains, and oils not listed above.

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Is There an After-AIP Diet?

Several anecdotal success stories indicate the AIP diet can have positive results. However, whether those results are definitive or backed scientifically is still in question. More definitive evidence should be forthcoming, as more people embark on the journey either for general health or to specifically deal with autoimmune and inflammation issues.

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Is AIP The Only Autoimmune Diet?

Currently, there don't appear to be other diets with a goal similar to AIP, that of addressing autoimmune diseases, conditions, and deficiencies. Ultimately, if you are considering an extreme diet or lifestyle change for any reason, it is best to discuss your reasons and concerns with a doctor beforehand.

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The AIP Diet In A Nutshell

Diets are a dime a dozen. Is this one right for you? Is that one better? It's likely those answers are not going to be provided in a short article. Ideally, before undertaking any diet, you will do considerable research on the lifestyle in question and ensure the potential benefits of your chosen path outweigh any potential risks, and that you're willing to dedicate yourself to the guidelines for the time it takes to see results.

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