There are over twenty different species of Boswellia serrata or Frankincense. Native to India, the extract from this plant of the Burseraceae plant family is known for its ability to decrease pain and inflammation and boost immunity. The health benefits of Boswellia serrata and treat respiratory and sinus infections, arthritis, and heart disease, and may even reduce tumor growth and prevent cancer.

Decreases Inflammation and Swelling

Specific chemical compounds in Boswellia serrata inhibit inflammatory responses and block the mediators that can change DNA and destroy healthy cells, promoting tumor growth. Terpenes and boswellic acids inhibit cytokine production, which contributes to the body's inflammatory response.

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Decreases Pain

Boswellia produces chemical compounds that control T-lymphocytes. AKBA (3-O-acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid) helps control pain responses by limiting an enzyme called 5-lipoxygenase. Though it is widely considered as effective as prescription anti-inflammatories, AKBA targets different inflammatory enzymes, and there are fewer side effects due to the gentler impact on the stomach and the lining of the gut.


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Clear Respiratory and Sinus Infections

Boswellia decreases the intensity of respiratory and sinus infections. It also can eliminate mucous and phlegm to improve breathing. Coughing, sneezing, flu symptoms, allergies, and asthma are all improved by Boswellia's anti-inflammatory response. This extract possesses both antibacterial and antiviral benefits that make it an effective treatment for serious infections.


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Reduce Cancer Risk Factors

Boswellia has been proven to effectively fight cancer cells while simultaneous protecting healthy cells. Frankincense is the oil formed by the resin from a Boswellia tree. In particular, frankincense and the AKBA enzyme have been proven to be effective in treating various types of cancer. AKBA provides protection against pancreatic, brain, breast, colon, prostate and stomach cancers by encouraging the body to heal without the serious side effects caused by conventional cancer treatments. Boswellia is effective because it can encourage self-healing within the body. As a result, it is often used in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments.


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Regulates Lymphocytes and T-cell interactions

Boswellia regulates the interactions between T-cells and white blood cells, which decreases inflammation in the body and helps boost the immune system. The regulation of immunoglobulin antibodies helps prevent viral and bacterial infections as well as regulate the antibodies found in lymph fluid and blood.


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Regulates the Production of Antibodies

By regulating antibody production, Boswellia is also effective when it comes to inhibiting autoimmune disorders. Antibodies are the body's natural defense to foreign substances. Without regulation, antibodies may not provide optimal protection from alien substances such as bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances in the blood.


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Accelerates the Healing Process

Boswellia speeds up healing by improving blood circulation. The regulation of antibodies and the immune boosting properties of the plant can also serve as preventative measures, keeping illness at bay.


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Diminishes Arthritis and Joint Pain

Boswellia is an effective treatment for people who struggle with skeletal and degenerative disorders that involve inflammation of the joints and affect the ability to move without pain. Boswellia provides anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and analgesic benefits and can reduce knee jerking and knee pain.


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Prevents Autoimmune Disorders

Boswellia is an effective treatment in the prevention of the autoimmune disorders, thanks to the regulation of antibodies. The immune system produces antibodies for the express purpose of fighting bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins, but too many can result in any number of chronic diseases. Boswellia has been effective in treating disorders like ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, osteoarthritis, and Crohn’s disease.

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Decreases Free Radical Damage

Boswellia tree extracts and their antioxidant properties are effective when it comes to preventing free radical damage. Terpenes can protect the body from cellular damage caused by environmental and oxidative stress and are also important building blocks for essential chemical processes within the body.


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