Choline is not only one of the most under-discussed necessities for the human body but a nutrient we cannot overlook any longer. Basic cell structure, metabolism, and the transportation of nutrients through the body do not happen without choline. Perhaps the reason more discussion doesn't occur concerning choline is that it's present in common foods and is also produced by the liver.  Interestingly, it is foods some people strive to avoid that are the most abundant sources of choline, including eggs and organ meats, especially liver. There are many health benefits of choline, all of which are good reasons to ensure sufficient consumption.


1. Choline Is Essential

A poll from a few years back showed only about 15% of people have heard of choline, much less were aware of how important it is to proper body functions. Additionally, only 10% of people take in adequate amounts of choline in their daily lives. Considering its vital nature, this number is startlingly low.

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