Amylase is a protein is produced in the salivary gland and pancreas that creates various digestive enzymes and makes the metabolism function properly. Amylase helps the human body digest carbohydrates by converting starch and glycogen into simple sugars for digestion. As a result, the body gets more out of food, such as energy. The health benefits of amylase are numerous.

How Does Amylase Work?

Amylase forms three very special starch metabolizing enzymes that speed up the digestive process: alpha, beta, and y-enzymes. The digestive process begins in the mouth; the enzymes in saliva break down food as you chew. In the acidic environment of the stomach, the enzymes from the pancreas break it down further before it works its way to the gut.


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The Health Benefits of Amylase

The enzymes that form because of amylase are essential. As well as aiding vitality, amylase also has a plethora of health benefits including immune system support and a lower risk of diabetes. Doctors can also monitor its levels to monitor pancreas function and identify problems with the organ, which are difficult to diagnose.


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Keeping a healthy pancreas is important. People with type 2 diabetes tend to have lower serum amylase activity, likely due to high sugar levels. Because of this, some researchers refer to amylase as an anti-diabetes digestive enzyme. When doctors administer it to patients, amylase can lower overall blood sugar levels, which also reduces the strain on the pancreas.


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The enzymes amylase creates are necessary to process starches. Starches form glucose, a sugar module the body uses to store and burn energy. Proper starch digestion involves a combination of the body's natural levels of amylase and the extent to which one chews their food. If food doesn't break down properly, the body has to do more work to extract the nutrients. Chewing thoroughly will not only give the amylase more time to process carbohydrates, but digestion will also be easier.


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Energy Levels

Eating food is what creates energy in your body, which is usually why you feel sluggish if you're not eating enough. While glucose is the primary sugar molecule needed for energy production, you should obtain it from healthy sources. Amylase comes into the energy process when it breaks down starch and ensures nutrients don't go to waste. Good levels of amylase in the body can make you more energetic and prevent hunger pangs. The same process may also make it more difficult to overeat.


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Stress is one of the worst things in the world for your health. Research has found connections between low levels of amylase and higher stress hormones. If you correct amylase count, you may also experience fewer mood swings. Due to this, the anxiety and depression that can come from high-stress situations may also lessen with time.


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Autoimmune Diseases

Almost all healthy foods boost your immune system with their vitamins and nutrients. However, some of these foods can be dangerous for those with autoimmune conditions, particularly autoimmune pancreatitis or hepatitis. If you know what your triggers are, you can avoid those foods and try to supplement. Amylase can cut down on inflammatory molecules that trigger intense immune responses.


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Research shows that consuming supplements or food rich in amylase may have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping control swelling, inflammation, and irritation inside the body and on the skin. You can ease some of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, for example, by increasing the amount of amylase in your body.


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Amylase production tends to decrease as we age. Some studies find that increasing levels may slow down the aging process somewhat. Furthermore, amylase can prevent oxidative stress. It remains unclear how or why amylase may be able to decrease the process of aging, and scientists are still studying to get to the bottom of it.


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Pancreatic cancer is linked to low levels of amylase production. Eating a well-balanced diet with enough amylase is critical for both people who have cancer and people who don't. Amylase has been used as a holistic cancer treatment in an aim to detoxify the body but remains controversial; however, people who have cancer and are pursuing medical treatments such as chemo or radiation may benefit from amylase.


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