Borage oil comes from a wildflower of the same name, also known as the "starflower." As a plant, borage has a mild, cucumber-like taste; its leaves have been used medicinally, as well as in the kitchen, for centuries. Many countries around the Mediterranean use borage in soups, or for pickling. Overall, borage use in the kitchen has declined while the use of oil made from its seeds is on the rise. The health benefits of borage are quite extensive.

Borage Oil Fights Inflammation

Of all oils, borage oil has the highest concentration of the omega 6 fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This nutrient can effectively treat joint pain and is used by people with rheumatoid arthritis to provide symptom relief and reduce the need for additional painkillers. GLA and borage oil can reduce swelling and tenderness in arthritis-affected areas, and may be taken alone or in conjunction with other anti-inflammatory treatments.


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Can Help With Healthy Weightloss

Beyond pain relief, GLA helps the body retain protein and also aids in slowing the absorption of carbohydrates. As a beneficial fat, the GLA in borage oil also helps move fat-soluble vitamins through the bloodstream, reducing fat cravings, curbing overeating, and reducing overall fat accumulation. Specifically, GLA promotes brown fat rather than white fat in the body. Brown fat is almost a muscle and the better of the two lipids for overall health.


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Clear Skin with Borage Oil

Your skin is not simply a large part of vanity but also the body's largest organ. Many skin conditions are inflammatory-based, and borage oil's anti-inflammatory nature makes it a good choice for treating dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and the subsequent scarring. Omega 6 lipids are found to be tremendously useful in skin maintenance, from pre-pubescence to young adulthood, and beyond. While clinical trials have mixed results, many fair-skinned people count on this body of nutrients for optimal skin health.


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Borage Oil vs. Cancer

In addition to its antioxidant properties, borage seed extract also possesses anti-mutagenic properties vital in the fight against cancer. Cell mutation is key to the spread of cancer, and toxic cells need to be denied free range in the human body. Any help in the fight against oxidative damage makes compounds like borage oil worth a look. For men, borage seed oil capsules may slow prostate cancer growth.


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Borage Oil for Respiration

People who smoke or have asthma or COPD will be happy to hear borage oil could promote lung health. Breathing disorders and even minor cases of a sore throat appear to benefit from borage oil. The common cold and flu can also produce minor breathing difficulties this powerful, natural anti-inflammatory can address.


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GLA and Your Gums

Studies indicate borage oil and its high concentration of GLA fatty acids may strengthen the gums by treating gum disease and periodontitis, which can lead to gingivitis.


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Borage Oil for The Next Morning

Many countries have that food or drink celebrated for fighting hangovers. Borage oil might be a more palatable option than some, which include cow's stomach or tripe. Taking a few capsules of borage oil can help speed metabolism, coat the stomach, give you a bit of energy, and get you to work on time.


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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

People who use borage oil have long lauded its ability to ease stress and the depression that can follow. The oil's ability to relax the nervous system can have an overall positive effect on conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, and more. Many adopt borage oil in their aromatherapy routines for these benefits.


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Borage Oil and Hair Health

Dry and frizzy hair has long been a target of borage oil, which can also aid dry scalp and dandruff. Many swear by this natural treatment and note improved hair growth after a time of regularly applying borage oil topically.


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Happier Babies and Mothers

While the evidence is not definitive, many studies suggest infants and premature-born infants see higher rates of growth when given borage oil supplements. This is likely owing to GLA. Animal studies indicate premature rats have heightened growth rates after researchers added borage to their diets. Pregnant women are often given borage oil to aid cervical ripening ahead of labor with the understanding that it can considerably lessen pain during the birthing of a child.


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