Borage oil comes from a wildflower of the same name, also known as the "starflower." As a plant, borage has a mild, cucumber-like taste; its leaves have been used medicinally, as well as in the kitchen, for centuries. Many countries around the Mediterranean use borage in soups, or for pickling. Overall, borage use in the kitchen has declined while the use of oil made from its seeds is on the rise. The health benefits of borage are quite extensive.


1. Borage Oil Fights Inflammation

Of all oils, borage oil has the highest concentration of the omega 6 fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This nutrient can effectively treat joint pain and is used by people with rheumatoid arthritis to provide symptom relief and reduce the need for additional painkillers. GLA and borage oil can reduce swelling and tenderness in arthritis-affected areas, and may be taken alone or in conjunction with other anti-inflammatory treatments.


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