Coconut oil is famous for its internal and external benefits. This versatile oil can be used all over the skin, on the hair, and as cooking oil. However, many people are unaware of coconut oil's potential to improve oral hygiene through a simple technique called oil pulling. This cheap yet highly effective technique improves oral health in several fascinating ways. The benefits of coconut oil pulling are well worth the effort.

Removes oral candida

A pink tongue signifies good health, but a white coating on the tongue can indicate oral candida, a parasite that can lead to a yeast infection called thrush. Coconut oil is a natural antifungal that can help eliminate the parasite from the body. To get the benefits, simply swish and "pull" a tablespoon or two of coconut oil around in the mouth for 10-15 minutes a day. Remember to spit it out in the trash afterward, as it can clog the drain!


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Freshens breath

Freshen your breath with a natural alternative. Coconut oil contains properties that eliminate the general bacteria and other germs that cause bad breath. The oil creates an environment inhospitable to bad bacteria, giving good bacteria a chance to thrive and eliminating that unpleasant smell.


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Boosts immunity

Experts say at least 80% of our health starts within the gut. This means everything you put in your mouth will either boost your health or impair it. It follows, then, that if your mouth isn’t healthy, you are not healthy. Maintaining proper hygiene is vital to keeping bad bacteria in the mouth from reaching the gut. Swishing coconut oil around in your mouth both forces these negative elements out of your palate and prevents them from reaching the gut after swallowing.


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Fights gingivitis

Healthy gums are as important as clean teeth and tongue. Although brushing your teeth helps the gums as well, sometimes spots can be missed. Gingivitis is a disease that causes irritation, redness, and inflammation of the gums. Researchers found oil pulling for just ten days reduced the risk of gingivitis, as well as plaque.


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Whitens teeth

Everyone wants whiter teeth, professional services are expensive, and some people prefer a more natural approach. Coconut oil pulling is a cheap and effective way to brighten your smile. When plaque begins to build up on your teeth, often due to poor oral hygiene or diet, teeth become yellow and dull. Coconut oil can remove plaque and reveal a clean, bright, whiter smile.


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Acts as a mouthwash

Not only do most mouthwashes contain chemicals, but sometimes the taste can be harsh, as well. Virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil lacks both chemicals and that intense taste, and can clean the mouth naturally and effectively.


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Aids in detoxing the body

Detoxing is carried out by certain organs in the body and can be helped along through healthy eating and other healthy practices. Our mouths are one of the many gateways where bad bacteria enter the body and infiltrate the gut, but the latter is also a good place to begin the exodus of this bad bacteria. When you use coconut oil to remove germs from the mouth and prevent germs from spreading to the gut, you increase immunity and facilitate detoxification.


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Increases energy levels

When our body is overloaded with toxins or working overtime to eliminate them, we feel drained. By eliminating toxins through coconut oil pulling, you give your body a chance to slow down. The practice gives your body a chance to focus on other areas where toxins may have built up, thereby helping your body to catch up and gain more energy.


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Prevents cavities

Cavities are easily avoidable with good oral hygiene and by limiting sugar. While you may not be able to avoid cavities completely, coconut oil pulling on a regular basis can help keep them to a minimum. Since cavities develop when bacteria and sugar stay suck within the teeth, coconut oil pulling on a daily basis will help eliminate the bad bacteria from your teeth.


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Breaks down biofilms

Maintaining oral health is essential because when bad bacteria get a chance to thrive, they can be hard to remove. Both good and bad bacteria can form biofilms to stay alive. This biofilm grows stronger over time, unless you incorporate healthy foods into your diet to help break down these biofilms. Coconut oil can break down biofilms, making bad bacteria easier to eliminate. Daily oil pulling will even prevent biofilms from forming in the first place.


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