Bottled water has gotten a bad rap recently. While some think it's just distilled tap water, others swear by their favorite brand or exotic spring locale. While artisan water has its merits, Structured Water is an entirely different H2O. Structured water, also known as hexagonal water exclusion zone (EZ) water, has many biological roles that are important to life. In fact, structured water technically isn't H2O at all - regular water is H20, but when structured water is forming, it turns into H3O2. The result is two separate parts of the water. This gives structured water fantastic health benefits for the body and mind.

Provides Nutrients for Cell Regeneration

The cells in your body constantly grow and regenerate. As they power your system, they break down or become damaged. Each cell actually contains water - the electrolyte water that comprises structured water. The water inside your cells creates the negative charge that your cells need to function. Structured water helps your cells generate energy from the nutrients you consume. Your body can use energy to create the water that your cells need from regular H2O internally, or you may choose to supplement this with structured water. When your cells receive the proper type of water they need to grow and regenerate, they function better.



Regulate Core Temperature

Your body functions best when your core temperature is within half a degree of 98.6 Fahrenheit. Keeping your internal systems at a steady, proper heat allows them to operate at their best level. Drinking structured water provides your body with natural alkalines and electrolytes to help your body remain in homeostasis - or the condition of staying the same. When your body becomes dehydrated, it can cause your core temperature to rise. Properly fueling your body and keeping the ionic balance check allows your muscles to contract and blood to flow smoothly.



Aids Digestion

Choosing structured water helps your gut bacteria flourish and allows them to break down nutrients from the food you eat more easily. When you choose water that is slightly alkaline in pH, you impart minerals that help certain nutrients in food break down for maximum absorption. In addition to the actual minerals in some structured water, this liquid also improves your overall hydration. Your gut needs plenty of water to break down food, including remaining hydrated enough to produce bile and digestive enzymes. Your liver and kidneys also need to be appropriately hydrated, to allow them to eliminate waste from your consumption more efficiently.

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Helps Fully Metabolize Macronutrients

Macronutrients are dietary fats, protein, and carbohydrates (including vegetables and whole grains). Your body functions best with a mix of these, as each provides different supplies your body needs for growth. Protein for muscles, fats for brain health and to help absorb nutrients, and carbohydrates for energy. When you consume structured water, your digestive system is hydrated at an optimum level. Your body can extract as much of the three macros as it needs to rebuild muscles, nourish your brain, and gain energy. When you're dehydrated, you aren't able to properly sustain yourself.



Facilitates Muscle Contraction

Structured water helps your muscles expand and contract smoothly, allowing the fibers to remain intact, versus tearing. Smooth muscle movement also helps prevent cramping. If you're planning to do strength training exercises or flexibility routines, adding structured water to your diet may result in a better workout and recovery afterward. When you consume water that isn't structured, the protein molecules within your cells don’t work the right way. This can negatively impact muscular and tissue functioning, leaving you prone to injuries.



Improves Blood Flow

Supple arterial walls and fully hydrated blood helps the blood flow more smoothly through the body. A dehydrated body has thicker blood, which doesn't properly oxygenate, resulting in less oxygen in the cells. Increasing your blood oxygenation ensures that each of your systems has the proper amount they need to function. Oxygen deprivation can lead to oxidative stress, including cell breakdown and the occurrence of damaging free radical molecules. These, in turn, attack healthy cells and can lead to cancerous growths.



Helps Naturally Detoxify

Your kidneys and liver are designed to help remove toxins from your food, the air you breathe, and anything that might come in through your skin. Although these systems function well, when they become dehydrated or their electrolyte levels are out of balance, they aren't able to remove toxic substances from your body as well as they should. Structured water helps keep your liver and kidneys hydrated, and adds enough water to your bloodstream to help process through the filters of your kidneys and liver. Increasing the amount of structured water you drink actually imparts fewer toxins to your body, to begin with, so these organs won't have to work as hard.



Improves Joint Health

The tissues that surround your joints, including the essential cartilege padding between them - take a lot of wear and tear. If your ligaments, tendons, and cartilage become dehydrated, they can become painful and inflamed, resulting in tightness in your joints and stiffness that's uncomfortable. Choosing structured water helps your joints by improving the padding that they move and rest against, as well as the ligaments and tendons that support them in place. Structured water hydrates better and even has a mineral content that assists in more supple joint supports.



Improves Cardiovascular Performance

Properly oxygenated blood helps you breathe better both when at rest and when enjoying cardiovascular exercise and sports. Your cells, too, "breathe" better - cellular respiration (the conversion of energy to fuel your body can use) depends on your electrolytes being balanced, and your body has enough water to create energy. Your heart is more efficient and your lungs better able to take in deeper breaths when you're fully hydrated. Cardiovascular exercise when you're dehydrated can result in greater mucus production, which inhibits breathing.



Incorporating Structured Water into Your Diet

Structured water, or water that is found in nature, has a different chemical profile than water that is found in your tap, or in some bottles in the supermarket. You can purchase equipment to "restructure" your water, which invoices treating it with infrared heat to remove some of the toxins. Structured water is closer to the water that's found in nature. Some mountain spring waters available for purchase are like this. Other structured water includes unfiltered and intreated water - especially from the Ganges River in India. It's believed that the untouched nature of this water is better for our bodies than processed water from water treatment plants.



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