Bottled water has gotten a bad rap recently. While some think it's just distilled tap water, others swear by their favorite brand or exotic spring locale. While artisan water has its merits, Structured Water is an entirely different H2O. Structured water, also known as hexagonal water exclusion zone (EZ) water, has many biological roles that are important to life. In fact, structured water technically isn't H2O at all - regular water is H20, but when structured water is forming, it turns into H3O2. The result is two separate parts of the water. This gives structured water fantastic health benefits for the body and mind.


1. Provides Nutrients for Cell Regeneration

The cells in your body constantly grow and regenerate. As they power your system, they break down or become damaged. Each cell actually contains water - the electrolyte water that comprises structured water. The water inside your cells creates the negative charge that your cells need to function. Structured water helps your cells generate energy from the nutrients you consume. Your body can use energy to create the water that your cells need from regular H2O internally, or you may choose to supplement this with structured water. When your cells receive the proper type of water they need to grow and regenerate, they function better.


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