Pickles are popular these days, with an estimated 245 million Americans primed to consume them in 2020. But stop before you drain those garnishes: pickle juice is having a moment, too. When it comes to health potions, the juice from your favorite sandwich staple probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But according to scientific research, pickle juice packs in some pretty impressive health benefits. Next time you polish off a jar of pickles, you might think twice before dumping that leftover brine down the drain.


1. It boosts your workout

Pickle juice is a popular pre- and post-workout drink among professional athletes, and for a good reason. A study by the National Institute of Health revealed that it enhances both athletic performance and thermoregulation, the body’s ability to maintain its core temperature. As you work up a sweat, your body loses potassium and sodium. Pickle juice contains salt to help your tissues retain water after exercise. It also contains vinegar and calcium chloride, both of which aid in the absorption of minerals depleted through perspiration. The result? Better performance and a quicker recovery.

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