No two pregnancies are alike. Every woman has a different experience, and one woman's experience from one pregnancy to the next can also vary greatly. At every stage, the gestation period can leave women feeling tired, sore, and stressed. Many products out there claim to make pregnancy easier; while some are money grabs, others are items by which mothers-to-be swear. It might feel like the side effects your pregnancy will never end, but these products could help you cope until the baby is born.

Pregnancy Pillow

There are several types of pregnancy pillows. Wedge pillows can help support a growing tummy. They fit right underneath the pregnant belly when the mother is laying on her side. Body pillows offer more support to the whole body and are available in most stores. Large, C-shaped pillows are a third option; they are easily positioned and manipulated to support the head, neck, tummy, hips, and knees.

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Belly Band

A belly band goes around the waist and provides support to a pregnant woman's growing stomach. They can fit over regular pants if she has not yet begun wearing maternity clothes to help keep them in place. This extra support can help ease back pain and round ligament pain as the body changes to support the growing uterus.

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Chewable Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are essential to a healthy pregnancy, but they are often very large and difficult to swallow. For women who have a hard time swallowing pills, chewable prenatal vitamins are a great alternative. They provide the same amount of necessary vitamins and nutrients but are much easier to consume. Check with your doctor before making the switch or beginning any new vitamin routine.

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A Nursing Bra

While nursing bras are designed for use when breastfeeding, they can also be a lifesaver during pregnancy, as the breasts begin to grow. Some women find that they go up several cup sizes, and normal bras can become uncomfortable, particularly for large-breasted women who rely on underwire. A good nursing bra can provide the necessary support without the discomfort. Plus, its usefulness continues once the baby is born.

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Slip-on Shoes

The jokes about pregnant women forgetting what their feet look like have to come from somewhere. Many women find it increasingly difficult to bend over, put on shoes, and tie up laces as their pregnancies progress. A lot of women also experience swelling of the feet during pregnancy; shoes that fit fine in the morning may become painful throughout the day. A comfortable pair of slip-on shoes with a lot of stretch are easy to put on and tend to feel more comfortable throughout the day.

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A Good Pregnancy App

Changes happen quickly during pregnancy. Most mothers-to-be like to monitor the growth of the baby. A lot of great apps out there explain how big the baby is at each stage of every trimester. Some of them also have vast amounts of information and resources pregnant women might find useful, such as signs of problems to watch out for and how to know when labor has started.

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Compression Socks

As mentioned, a lot of women deal with swelling during pregnancy. Women who spend a lot of time on their feet might be significantly affected by this side effect, especially by the end of the day. Compression socks can help. They are made of tight elastic and go all the way to the knee. They aid in circulation and can prevent fluids from pooling in the lower extremities, lessening swelling.

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A Big Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important during pregnancy. In fact, being dehydrated can lead to severe complications including low amniotic fluid, neural tube defects in the fetus, and even premature birth. A large water bottle can help pregnant women make sure they're getting enough fluids. Hydration is also important for breastmilk production, so this product remains handy once the baby has arrived. If you prefer drinking cold water, opt for an insulated bottle.

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Belly Butter

A lot of belly creams and lotions claim to prevent stretch marks. Whether or not this is true, belly butter is still a good product to invest in for a comfortable pregnancy. Hormonal changes can cause dry skin. Also, as the baby grows, the skin on the stomach begins to stretch, and itching and discomfort are common. Regularly moisturizing an expanding tummy can help prevent or minimize these sensations.

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A Support Belt

A support belt is similar to a belly band but offers a lot more support. While a belly band may be enough in early pregnancy, it may not do the job as a woman nears the end of her pregnancy. This is especially true for petite women and those carrying multiples, though any woman can experience severe back and hip pain when pregnant. A support belt wraps around the waist and hips and often has a strap that goes above the baby bump. It helps lift the uterus, reducing pressure on the hips, back, and joints.

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