Low in fat and typically high in fiber, legumes offer a variety of nutritional benefits. Numerous medical studies show these plants enhance health. Although some legumes contain “anti-nutrients” said to detract from health, appropriate preparation reduces any potential for harm, making it easy to ensure you reap only the benefits. Legumes are an affordable plant-based food and a dietary staple for many people around the globe.


1. Lima Beans

Lima beans often make lists of the world’s healthiest foods as a source of fiber, protein, and vitamins. Like many other legumes, they are a heart-healthy food containing cholesterol-reducing fiber, which makes them an ideal choice to ward off cardiovascular disease. Dieticians often counsel individuals with diabetes to add lima beans to their diet because they can help prevent blood sugar levels from spiking after a meal. Not only do lima beans boast a rich, buttery taste, but they are rich in iron to boost energy levels and metabolism.

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