We all have something we really want in life that feels justbeyond our reach. Success requires determination, which means consistent effort, total focus, and relentless resolve. While we might start off with the best intentions, there will always be setbacks along the way. Finding the motivation to keep pushing forward can be difficult; the good news is, it’s possible to create the mindset you need to stick to your long-term goals — no matter what life throws at you ⁠— and be even more successful than you ever imagined.


1. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Motivation fuels willpower. To keep the fire burning, the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing needs to be at the forefront of your mind. Use tangible reminders that force you to keep your long-term goal front-and-center. It might be as simple as a sticky note with an inspirational quote, or a photo of the objective toward which you’re working. These "endgame" reminders will help strengthen your self-control and discipline, making it easier to reach your target.

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