Triphala powder is something that most people have never heard of, but it has numerous medical benefits and has been proven to help treat everything from weight loss to diabetes. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent, allowing it to help treat arthritis and reduce inflammation. Loaded with anti-oxidants, it can also help fight back against aging, along with properties that are ideal for fighting cancer. In short, this powder you're just hearing about now is something of a wonder drug that can help you on many different fronts. More details about its health benefits are below.

Helps with Digestion Problems

If you are constipated, the Triphala powder can be the ideal thing to loosen everything up and make you regular again. As it works as a laxative and stimulates bowel movements, it is a great thing to have a spoonful of before bed to ensure constipation doesn't continue the following day. Taking a spoonful first thing in the morning will also help with an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Digestion Help

Improves Eyesight

Regularly taking Triphala powder can help to maintain healthy, sharp eyesight for an extended period. However, it doesn't entail taking the powder in a way you might think. Instead, soak about one to two spoonfuls of Triphala powder overnight and then in the morning use the strained mixture to wash out your eyes and clean them of what is bothering them. This will keep your eyes healthy and infection free for an extended period.



Detoxifies Your Body

Triphala powder has been found to effectively detoxify your body and also help your skin to glow. A couple of spoonfuls of Triphala powder and water before sleep is the best way to make this happen, along with a spoonful of crushed ginger. Let it soak the whole night or at least 8 hours. Then boil what is left over after that time until it is at half its original quantity. Then strain and add a dash of lemon for the ultimate detoxifies to take on a regular basis.

Detox and purify

Rich in Nutrients

Triphala powder is also incredibly rich in nutrients, much like a vitamin tablet would be. It has a ton of vitamins and minerals and can help people who would otherwise suffer from anemia because they are not getting all these nutrients naturally. Triphala is especially rich in iron which is something that many people lack in their diets, namely those who don't eat red meat. So this is a great substitute to ensure they have the right iron content in their bloodstream.



Boosts Overall Immunity

Triphala is an ayurvedic, which means it cleans the gastric and digestive tract and improves blood circulation. It also nourishes the body by providing nutrients and minerals. All of this translates to a healthier immune system overall, as toxins and other distractions for the immune system have now been removed so that the focus can be on real health issues that may affect the body.

Builds Up the Immune System

Helps with Weight Loss

For those who are trying to lose weight, there is no shortage of different options available out there. But taking Triphala powder on a regular basis can aid in weight loss as well. It's because Triphala removes excess fat from the body, especially around the belly. Harmful toxins are also flushed out, along with excess fat that is present in the body.

Aid in Weight Loss

Helps to Relieve Bone and Joint Pain

Bone and joint pain is debilitating, but Triphala can help with it if ingested on a regular basis. It exhibits good anti-inflammatory properties which are where most bone and joint pain originates from. It also will provide nutrients which strengthen various muscles, tendons, and joints to keep these bones and joints from hurting in the future by helping to flush out excess uric acid. All it takes is half a tablespoon of Triphala powder mixed with water on a regular basis.



Helps to Heal Wounds Quicker

By flushing the system and improving the immune system overall, Triphala powder helps any wounds in the body to heal more quickly and efficiently. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties in Triphala also help this, along with healing basic illnesses from common colds to bronchitis. In short, Triphala is just a healthy thing to take in general and will make you heal better when you are taking it.



Cures Dizziness and Motion Sickness

For those who feel dizzy or motion sick when traveling in a car or by boat or plane, Triphala may be just your ticket to an enjoyable trip. Two tablespoons of Triphala should be mixed with warm water, along with honey. It should be taken before traveling or whenever you feel dizzy while traveling. It is also best taken in the morning for those who regularly experience dizziness.



Helps to Regulate Hormone Imbalances

If periods for women are regularly painful or unpredictable, there may be some reasons. But one way to keep this from happening if there's not a larger medical reason for it is by taking a spoonful of Triphala, at least a teaspoons worth. It's best to take two hours before dinner or right before bed. This will help regulate hormones as well as stress. It will also help to settle your endocrine glands, especially the thyroid, which can throw off the equilibrium of the body in general.



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