Skullcap has been used by the Chinese to treat a litany of ailments, including diarrhea and hepatitis, for over 2000 years. Traditional Chinese medicine also utilizes this herb to ward off petty evil. Native Americans have long relied on skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) to treat women's reproductive issues and alleviate the symptoms of rabies. This mint relative grows in temperate regions all over the world. Blue skullcap, the most useful variety, contains the most concentrated level of flavonoids and phenolics. Scutella means "small dish" in Latin and describes the herb's shape. There are many health benefits of skullcap.


1. Helps Control Anxiety

In 2002, 'Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine' reported that skullcap effectively tackles anxiety and restlessness. Skullcap helps improve your mood without causing a head change or resulting in an inability to concentrate. There are 295 active compounds in this family of plant, like diterpenes and flavonoids to help people who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. People used to call it Mad Dog because many folks believed it could cure rabies. It has antispasmodic effects that can help with the symptoms of the disease, but it cannot cure it.


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