Shilajit is a nutrient-rich and resinous substance considered to be one of the best carriers of nutrition and energy into the body. According to modern studies, shilajit contains an abundance of humic and fulvic acids, which are in charge of energy production within the cells.

Shilajit is formed from organic materials between layers of rock that were compressed over hundreds or thousands of years. During the summertime, the biomass can be harvested from where it seeps from deep fissures of the rocks in the Himalayas.

Helps reduce the effects of Alzheimer's disease

Many people are very familiar with this disease. It is a debilitating brain disorder which comes with many symptoms. Until now, there are no cures for this disease. Because of shilajit's molecular composition, researchers believe that it can help to reduce the effects of the disease. One of the main components of shilajit is fulvic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant. This component supports cognitive health by the prevention of tau protein buildup. Tau proteins are part of the nervous system, but when they accumulate in the brain, it may cause damage to the brain cells. Shilajit may also reduce inflammation which can also help improve the symptoms.



Anti-aging benefits

Another health benefit of shilajit is that it has anti-aging properties. As you age, the production of mitochondria gradually decreases. These mitochondria manufacture most of the body's cellular energy. Also, they are responsible for hormonal power and muscle strength. Fortunately, shilajit contains much mitochondrial energy. It also includes a unique component which boosts the natural production of mitochondrial energy in the body. We have already mentioned how shilajit contains fulvic acid. This component can help protect the body against cellular damage caused by free radicals. Because of this, regularly using shilajit may slow down the signs of aging. It may also contribute to longevity and overall health.



Increases testosterone levels

Shilajit is especially beneficial for men as it can help increase testosterone levels. This hormone is the main male sex hormone. However, the level of testosterone in men varies. When a man has low testosterone levels, he may experience some symptoms. He might experience hair loss, fatigue, and muscle mass loss. A man with low levels of testosterone may also have a lower sex drive than those with normal or high levels. There was a clinical study made on male volunteers. In it, half of the volunteers received a placebo while the other half received purified shilajit. They received doses of the substance twice a day. After 90 days, the volunteers who received the pure substance had significantly higher testosterone levels than the ones who received the placebo.



Maintains brain health

Shilajit inhibits the specific enzyme which causes the breakdown of acetylcholine. This is a huge benefit because the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is very important. Aside from the enzyme, aging and stress can contribute to decreased levels of acetylcholine. However, this neurotransmitter is vital in memory, attention, and overall brain function. Shilajit also maintains brain health in different ways. It promotes the transport of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to the brain to prevent deterioration. Since the brain gets its supply of these components, it functions better. Shilajit promotes the natural ability to prevent the accumulation of proteins which can cause damage.



Improves chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS is a condition which a person experiences long-term. It causes extreme fatigue which may interfere with a person's daily routine. According to research, shilajit may help improve the condition by reducing its symptoms. The substance does this by restoring the energy in the person's body. CFS gets frequently associated with the dysfunction of mitochondria. When this happens, the cells are not able to generate enough energy for the body. However, if you take shilajit regularly, you may notice a significant reduction in CFS symptoms. This is because the substance helps inhibit mitochondrial dysfunction.



Maintains heart health

Shilajit also benefits your heart by maintaining the heart health. It regulates the heart and breathing rates. It can also help maintain a healthy blood pressure even when you are under stress. You can take the substance in its pure form or take a supplement which contains shilajit as a main component. Taking the substance regularly may improve the health of your heart. According to research, this substance may also have a good effect on heart-related injuries. The results showed that a person using shilajit might experience fewer cardiac lesions when he encounters a cardiac injury.



Reduces the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia

One condition which shilajit can improve is iron deficiency anemia. This is another condition which causes weakness and fatigue. Also, it can give a person headache, an irregular heartbeat, as well as cold hands, and feet. However, taking shilajit or shilajit supplements may help increase iron levels in the body. According to some studies, shilajit may promote the production of red blood cells. This will increase the levels of hematocrit and hemoglobin in the body. It is incredibly beneficial because all these are crucial components in the blood. When you do not have enough of these components, you might end up getting iron deficiency anemia.



Antiviral properties

It is a fact that shilajit contains a lot of compounds and minerals. Some of these have antiviral properties which can help you to fight off viruses. In isolated environments, shilajit can defend the body and eliminate these viruses. It can even protect the body against some types of herpes viruses. Many researchers believe that shilajit is highly beneficial because of its antiviral properties. However, they may need to conduct more studies with live subjects. Researchers need to carry out these studies to prove all the antiviral benefits of the substance.



Helps with infertility issues

People suffering from infertility issues may also benefit from shilajit. It is a safe and natural way for men to combat infertility. Studies have shown that regularly taking the substance can help promote an increased sperm count. Aside from this, it can also enhance sperm motility. This refers to the ability of a man's sperm to move adequately. Good sperm count and motility will help boost fertility.



Helps prevent altitude sickness

A lot of traditional practitioners claim that shilajit can help prevent altitude sickness. As the altitude changes, so do the air pressure. This change can have a significant effect on some people. They may start experiencing troubling symptoms such as fatigue and body pain. These symptoms are usually caused by lung congestion and low levels of oxygen in the brain. The humic and fulvic acid in Shilajit are the ones who give this benefit. They are the ones which help prevent the symptoms of altitude sickness. The substance can also provide the immune system a boost while preventing inflammation.



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