A vine native to China and areas of Russia, Schisandra has a berry that is an important ingredient which is part of traditional Chinese medicine. It has many different flavors, ranging from sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. However, regardless of taste, there are a variety of health benefits that are created by these Schisandra berries. This makes it one of the healthiest things you can consume on a regular basis. Furthermore, it is an ideal additive to healthy meals.

Improved Blood Flow and Overall Circulation

Schisandra is known to improve blood flow and overall circulation in the body once someone takes a daily dose, or 130 milligrams on average. Circulation has been shown to improve up to nine percent in healthy adults. Concurrently, there's an increase in the flow of nitric oxide in the blood itself. This helps to relax muscles and expand blood vessels. All of this leads to an improvement in overall physical performance.

Schisandra circulation


Cardiovascular Health Also Improved

Cardiovascular health in the human body is also improved by regularly consuming the Schisandra berries. Thanks to the nitric oxide that added to the bloodstream. It has also been found to improve heart tissue and help repair any damage that may have been done to the heart itself. A Chinese drug known as Sheng-Mai-San, which contains these berries, is used to treat heart disease.

Cardiovascular Health Also Improved Schisandra

Combats Stress

The Schisandra berry also reduces corticosterone, the stress hormones in the body. Just a small dose of this will promote calmness and relaxation. This helps to deal with problems people may have with sleeping due to stress. The adaptogenic properties of these berries also help the body calm down and deal with emotional and physical stress much better, by controlling adrenaline and serotonin changes.

Stress - Schisandra

Increases Energy

The Antioxidants, along with Wuweiziesu C and Gomisin A, are all in the Schisandra berry and play a significant part in increasing one's overall energy, along with their metabolism. A higher energy metabolism helps with the SIRT expression. This keeps muscles from aging and allows them to heal more quickly. This also helps with the improved functionality of the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.

Schisandra berries

Improves Mental Health

The brain can function better with a regular dose Schisandra. If taken on a daily basis, it has been found to help with insomnia, reduce stress to help with overall anxiety. And it helps with overall cognition and memory. There is also evidence that Schisandra helps to reduce inflammation on the brain itself if that is occurring.

Improves Mental Health Schisandra

Improves Physical Performance and Reduces Fatigue

One of the most essential and immediate aspects of Schisandra consumption is the improved physical performance and reduced fatigue. In short, it gives people a lot of energy. Most of this has to do with the tremendous amount of nitric oxide that is added to the bloodstream when Schisandra is consumed. The countering of fatigue will keep athletes, in particular, going longer.

Improves Physical Performance and Reduces Fatigue Schisandra

Good for Asthma and Breathing in General

Schisandra is also suitable for asthma and overall breathing. It fights off coughs and other breathing issues, which helps to give those who consume its energy as well. Many supplements that are given to those with respiratory problems contain Schisandra, as it is an expectorant, which means it clears mucus from passageways, helping people to breath more easily.

Good for Asthma and Breathing in General Schisandra

Helps Bulk Up Immune System

Schisandra has been shown to help beef up the immune system, which helps to fight off diseases and infections in the body on a daily basis. This is because it has been found to be an adaptogen, which allows the immune system to function without being affected by stress and anxiety. Components of the berry bind proteins to blood plasma and allow it to be carried to peripheral tissues all over the body, helping to heal different areas of the body more efficiently.

Immune Health Schisandra

May Help Fight Cancer

There have been a few studies that have shown Schisandra is helpful in the fight against this scary and awful disease. One study has found that Schisandra components help to stop the growth of cancer cells in general. More studies are trying to discover whether or not Schisandra can be incorporated into cancer treatment.

May Help Fight Cancer Schisandra

Protect the Liver

Schisandra has been found to be very beneficial for the liver as it protects this vital organ against harmful toxins and radiation that may enter the body. By helping to increase the level of the glutathione enzyme, oxidative stress can be combated which allows the liver to heal itself more quickly and efficiently. Stress-induced liver damage is also reduced due to all the properties Schisandra has in increased blood flow and overall stress reduction.

An important role maintaining liver health


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