A member of the mint family, lemon balm's official name is Meissa Officinalis which means honey bees. Lemon balm originated in in the middle ages in the Near East. The flowering perennial then came to Europe where many assume it originated. During the 18th century, the European settlers brought lemon balm to America. Lemon balm is used to reduce stress, anxiety, to promote sleep, improve the appetite, ease the pain, discomfort from indigestion including gas, bloating and colic and many more conditions.


1. Skin Appearance

As far back as the 14th century, lemon balm is recorded as being used as a beauty product for the appearance of the skin. The Queen of Hungry is reported to have erased years off her face changing wrinkles into smoother lines through the use of lemon balm. When it is applied to the skin, lemon balm is said to assist with fine lines. The volatile ingredients have a natural response to the blemishes on lips, clearing them up and removing them in short periods of time.

Skin Appearance

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