People all over the world have used lavender for centuries. The clean, sweet scent has a sedative effect, and traditionally, lavender is known for its calming and soothing properties. It can treat anxiety, reduce arthritis, and ease the discomfort of various aches and pains. The health benefits of lavender essential oil include antioxidant properties; it fights free radicals, lessens oxidation, and helps reduce acne outbreaks. There are many uses for this purple super-flower, and the plant is easy to grow, making it an affordable treatment option for people all over the planet.


1. Helps Fight Insomnia

The regular application of lavender oil on your wrists or bedclothes may improve the quality of your sleep. A study at Wesleyan University used brain scans to monitor sleep cycles. The results showed men and women who exposed themselves to lavender oil before sleeping slept better. Further studies with seniors demonstrated progress with their sleeping patterns: a sprinkling of lavender oil on their bedding enhanced their regular bedtime routines. Additionally, a recent study discovered the scent of lavender boosts the time you spend in a deep sleep state, though the effects were more significant for women than for men.

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