Emu oil comes from an Australian bird of the same name. In addition to being raised for meat, farmers can harvest the oil from an oil sack located underneath the fat on an emu's back. This oil is then refined to ensure it is safe for human use. The oil can be used to treat all manner of skin conditions. It is naturally hypoallergenic and contains beneficial vitamins A and E which have both antioxidant and healing properties. The oil is also high in terpenes, which are naturally occurring disinfectants. Many skin care products contain this animal by-product.


1. Scar Prevention

Emu oil's healing properties work wonders preventing scar tissue. It reduces inflammation around wounds while they heal, which in turn reduces redness and swelling. While the product will not heal old scars, it will accelerate the healing process of a fresh wound.  Scars form as the body's response to cuts. When wounded, our immune systems kick in and cause inflammation. Emu oil can reduce the coloration of scars during healing. Some doctors use the oil on patients after open heart surgery to lessen scarring.


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