Echinacea is one of the most popular medicinal herbs used in North America, and for a good reason, because the native flowering plant has been used for over 400 years by Native Americans. Today it is used by many people all over the world as a natural cure to the common cold, but it has many more health benefits due to its high concentration of vitamin C, alkylamides, selenium, polysaccharides, and more.   Regular use of Echinacea can provide outstanding support to many systems of the body and help reduce or prevent some common diseases and ailments. It can take many forms. Such as a supplement, capsule, tea, and even a raw plant.


1. Extra Boost to the Immune System

Over a dozen studies have taken place over the last few years about the power of Echinacea when it comes to the immune system, and all of the studies have found that regular consumption of the plant helps boost the immune system. In fact, regular use of Echinacea can help reduce the chances of catching a cold by over 50%. In order to boost the immune system, 10mg of Echinacea should be taken per kg of body weight during a ten-day period.

Extra Boost to the Immune System

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