Ear candling is an alternative medicine practice used to treat earwax buildup and other conditions and problems relating to the ears. Ear candles are hollow cones made out of fabric, covered in wax. The base is placed in the ear, and the other end is lit. The wax melts down the tube and enters the ear.

Although many doctors have disputed ear candling over the years, there appear to be significant benefits. However, it is important to talk to a doctor before trying this technique and to see a certified professional for the procedure.

Resolves earwax buildup

Earwax occurs typically on the inside of your ear canal. Despite it being deemed annoying by us humans, it has a distinct purpose. By having a small layer of ear wax inside your ears, you protect the inner ear from dust and other unwanted particles. Ear wax is sticky, and they get stuck with it. However, a problem arises if there is too much ear wax. Ear candling is not as invasive as pumping water inside the ear, nor is it dangerous as inserting sharp objects. The heat from the candle allows the wax just to fall off and exit the ear without many problems.




An earache can ensue due to a multitude of conditions. The most significant ones are inflammations and lacerations, which may cause considerable pain to your ear canals. Most people opt to take medications, but these often have side-effects that may be unpleasant. Thus, a good alternative for an earache can be ear candling. The warmth inside the ear will cause earwax to fall off, giving the bacteria less space to breed and spread. When it comes to inflammations, the soothing warmth will calm the tissue and reduce any unpleasant sensations.



Swimmer’s ear and infections

Swimmer’s ear affects a lot of people each year. When water gets trapped inside the ear canal, the germs and particles within the liquid can cause a severe infection. This can result in pain, discomfort and most cases, an inability to fall asleep. When administering an ear candle, your ear canal will spread because of the heat, causing the water to disappear. Also, the additional wax may fall off, causing the bacteria to be unable to find refuge inside the earwax cavities.




Tinnitus is one of those indescribable conditions that can only be known if felt. The ringing feeling within the head can be sporadic or on continuous. There is no apparent cure for it, especially for the more severe subtypes. Some of the possible causes are an injury to the brain, deformation of the ear canal or the inner ear gets removed from its regular place. Ear candling provides an excellent, soothing treatment. It doesn’t cure you of your tinnitus but is instead an efficient form of therapy. The heat will expand your canals and cause you're to forget about the tinnitus temporarily. It works wonders for mental stability. Many patients opt for regular bi-weekly ear candling treatments to alleviate themselves of the incessant ringing.



Hearing problems

Aside from age-related hearing deterioration, hearing problems may happen because of a multitude of reasons. Damage to the eardrum, clogged up canals, infections, and head injuries – all these factors may contribute to a lessened ability to hear. When conventional medication fails, there is always ear candling to come to your aid. Many people think that ear candling solves all problems and get disappointed when it doesn’t. When it comes to infections and earwax buildup, ear candling may improve your hearing. Concerning other conditions, ear candling can eliminate possible causes if the hearing still doesn’t improve.



Sinus infections

Sinus problems are often connected with your hearing, as the two parts of your head are connected. The middle ear is attached to the back of the nose with a small canal. This means that your ears could easily suffer if your sinuses are not exactly okay. Since sinuses are harder to reach, the best possible options are attacking the infection from the ears. Ear candling is known to relieve you of infections in as little as two days. As the warmth successfully eradicates the symptoms in your ear, the sinuses will soon follow suit. It’s a quick and natural way to improve your health.



Rebalances your mental state

Clogged up ear canal can often cause difficulties when it comes to listening and concentrating. Since you can’t hear well, your brain has to invest a lot more effort in just receiving information. Instead of processing it, your mind mainly focuses on trying to listen to the words correctly. Such a problem may impact your professional and personal life. With ear candling, you will have clear canals and no problems hearing all the sounds around you. A simple change like this will make you feel calmer, more concentrated and balanced. It’s a worthwhile investment for your well-being.



Clears a sore throat

The theme is still the same. The sinuses directly connect to the middle ear and with the throat as well. By attacking one of these parts with proper treatment, you will get cured in no time. Since the throat is an especially tricky part of the body to heal, you should think about approaching the problem through the ears. It’s important to note that ear candling doesn’t necessarily solve a sore throat on its own. It just alleviates symptoms and makes the whole experience much more comfortable. It’s a much better alternative than poisoning your body with unnecessary medications.




The middle ear is where your sense of balance lies. If its disrupted, you may have a hard time walking down a straight line or standing straight. This is likely because something interrupted it or infected it. It would be best to approach the problem straight at the source. Since the ear candle can reach all the way to the eardrum, it can clear the way and allow you to regain your sense of balance. Such a treatment should be done multiple times just to make sure the problem gets resolved entirely.




Stress has a lot to do with the inner workings of your head. One of the main culprits may be a lack of relaxation and calmness. It’s easy to get lost in the competitive day-to-day life, but we have to take some time and relax. Ear candling does just that. Amongst other benefits, you get to lie down, think about something beautiful and enjoy the warmth of your ear canals. It does wonder for built up tension.



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